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Freedom to grow

At The Fire Station, we believe in giving your child the very best start for a brighter future. Science shows that 90% of the brain's development happens in these first five years, so the experiences and interactions your little one has during this time are incredibly important, as they form the foundation for future health, happiness, growth, development and learning success in school.

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Our philosophy

The Fire Station approach is a proven and personalised one, where collaboration with family and whānau is key. We work closely with you to determine the needs and aspirations you have for your child. Then we follow through with a safe, stimulating and joyful environment that gives them the freedom to grow at their own pace >> learning through exploration and play >> allowing them to develop their social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills >> alongside their peers and kaiako >> with an active, hands-on involvement in the local community. 

Happy, healthy development comes naturally, though our professionally designed, play-based educational programmes >> grounded within New Zealand Te Whāriki and international curriculums >> tailored to each of the age-groups and the individual child >> delivered by an exceptional team of teachers >> and working to enhance the five key focus areas, below. 

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development &


Skills of
inquiry, thinking & reasoning


Confidence, independence
& self-help


Caring, reflective & principled behaviour


Being open-minded, well balanced & knowledgeable

Meet our team

We're so lucky with the staff here at The Fire Station, they're amazing!
Our team is handpicked, and includes passionate, professional teachers who are experienced and
committed to the care, safety, happiness, health and quality education of your child.
They love what they do, and it shows - say hi!

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Spaces available now,
pop in for a pre-enrolment chat!

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