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Family is at the heart
of all we do

At The Fire Station, your child’s wellbeing is our priority. Which is why it’s important for us to work with family and whānau right from the start, to ensure our centre becomes an extension of home life, and that individual relationships, cultural values, learning patterns, strengths and preferences are affirmed. You face big decisions as a parent, but none bigger than early education. So on that front, we invite your active participation! We encourage you to ask questions, get involved, track progress and continue with activities at home - this helps build the foundation for your child's success at the centre, and sets them up for future school years too. 

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Keeping you close

As your involvement with the centre increases, so too will your child's level of comfort and confidence, and their sense of belonging and wellbeing. We know it’s important for them to have loved ones close by during these early years, so we invite parents/friends and members of the community to drop in and share their stories, experiences and skills (cooking, art, Te Reo Māori etc). We also hold regular open days for parents, grandparents, caregivers - and hold parent/whānau evenings to discuss info with staff, cover topics of interest and listen to guest speakers (eg local primary school teachers). 


Connected to your child's learning

The centre uses a simple, safe online system called Educa to keep the lines of communication open with families. It’s free to use, and allows you to quickly access information about your child’s learning journey at The Fire Station via a comprehensive ‘online portfolio’. This is an effective two-way communication platform; teacher/parent collaboration at its best. 


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Your questions answered

There's quite a lot to consider when you first enrol your child at an early learning centre, especially if it's your first time around! So we've compiled a quick list of FAQs (about our place, processes, programmes, the care of your child etc). Check it out now to get the answers you need. 


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Spaces available now,
pop in for a pre-enrolment chat!

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