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Educa and centre news

Educa is a ‘learning story software’ platform, and the system we use to keep family and whānau in the loop. It’s easy to navigate, and brilliant to keep the sharing, caring and lines of communication open. Through your parent portal, and you can log on to Educa at any time to check your child’s learning and progress. We update their ‘online portfolio’ with centre stories, news, photos and videos on a regular basis. And we encourage you to do the same; leaving comments, posting photos from home, and providing feedback to our educators. Rest assured this is a safe and secure programme, using the same protocol as online banking. To login, click here, or see the link below. Our centre newsletter (keeping you regularly informed of upcoming events and activities) is also provided via the Educa parent portal. If you prefer to have a hard copy, please ask at the office.


Educa Parent Portal

To login to Educa to view your child’s progress, click the link below.
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Mother and Daughter

Centre Newsletter

To read our latest issue (via Educa) click the link below.
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