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Koru Toddlers
2 - 3.5

This age is filled with so much curiosity. The world is opening up for your child, so we bring a world of learning, wonder, and inspiration to them! Our Koru Toddler room is specially designed to provide individualised care in a safe, nurturing, and responsive setting, where your child has the freedom to learn, grow and explore in our custom-created, indoor and outdoor learning environments. Our caring, experienced teachers celebrate the unique urges and dispositions of your child at this stage and respond with a rich and varied daily programme designed to encourage engagement.

At this age teachers support/focus on the child’s developing self-help skills to become competent independent learners and support holistic learning ready for the move to the older Preschool and Kindy classrooms. A feature of our toddler’s area is that they can move freely between indoor and outdoor play – allowing them to gain confidence and independence and choose exactly where and how they wish to play. The Koru Toddler room can cater for up to 28 children. We aim for with a teacher/child ratio of 1 : 6 in this area. 

Spaces available now,
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